11 hints and tips for PR newbies…


Do you know your strategies from your principal responsabilies? Find out here….

Dr Anne Gregory has served as President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, as well as chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations.

She is passionate about professionalising PR and, indeed, the 20-plus books she has written and edited are now must-read texts for both PR students and practitioners.

Here the Professor of Corporate Communication at Huddersfield University shares some vital hints and tips for PR newbies:


1: Keep an open mind and curiosity. Don’t think that PR is about being good at communication only; it’s about offering strategic advice on how organisations should act and interact with their various stakeholders in order to maintain support.


2: PR is an important profession because organisations and organising is mediated through communication. Those who are responsible for the formal organisation of that communication have an increasingly crucial role to play.


3: Organisations ARE what people say about them and within them.

Public Relations

4: Remember the four P’s – purpose, principles, people and process. Ultimately, our role is to help build societies that work. We achieve this by helping our organisations to make good decisions.

Public Relations word cloud

5: Leaders need public relations professionals constantly at their side, playing the role of the old court jester: Holding truth up to power, saying those things that others do not dare to, and generally telling it straight as to how other people see their words and actions.


6: PR professionals have to operate everywhere within an organisation, looking at structures, processes, ways of working – because this is where the brand narrative is really written.

Student photo shoot

7: The time for public relations leadership is now and this leadership can—and should—be demonstrated at any level within an organisation.


8: Even the most junior-ranking PR professionals are being called on to interpret the world outside and to develop the communication capabilities and competence of senior staff.


9: Ex-journalists make good PR people if they remember that PR is not about getting out a story!

Word Pr.wooden Cubes On Magazine

10: What is absolutely the case, and always has been, is that PR people need courage to stand up and ‘speak truth to power’. However, they cannot control what others say and do.

Public Relations

11: Always remember that your principal responsibility is to society. PR is too important to be used for instrumental purposes.



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