5 tips for creating a winning blog


Today’s guest blogger Arianne Williams was named Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger in Behind the Spin’s 2016 competition. Here the Sunderland University graduate shares some hugely helpful hints and tips on writing a winning blog. Thanks Arianne!!


Anyone who’s anyone has a blog these days, all with a different purpose, a different idea and different things to say. For students – particularly those studying PR, communications or something similar – it’s a great way to showcase what you can do outside the constraints of assignments.

As a PR student, a blog is the perfect platform for showing your writing skills, putting your social media strategy to good use in sharing your posts, and demonstrating you’re up to speed on industry news. And all of this is good news when it comes to getting a job further down the line, which is what I know every student has on their mind at the moment. But to get noticed for the right reasons, you need to do it well.

 I’m proud to have been named Britain’s Best PR Student Blogger 2016 in Behind the Spin’s competition. And because of that, Sarah invited me to share some tips on how to create a winning blog.

  • Plan – This first one is pretty self explanatory, but have some sort of strategy or plan in place including how often you’ll post, how you’ll share content and what you will post. It always helps to plan out some ideas in advance too so you’re not scrapping around for content on your less-than-inspired weeks.
  • Read other blogs – Lots of them. You’ll get ideas, inspiration and insight into what works and what doesn’t. They don’t even have to be industry related, they just need to be posts you enjoy and find interesting. And (at risk of sounding like your school English teacher…) reading regularly is one of the best ways to improve your writing too.
  • Don’t be afraid to have an opinion – Your blog is your own little piece of the internet where, within reason, you can say whatever you want. So if you want to share your opinion on some industry news, comment on PR trends or anything that is relevant to your blog, do it… just make sure you justify what you’re saying. Sharing your views helps to demonstrate that you know your stuff!
  • Be consistent… if you can. I add that little after note as I know that university work always takes priority, you get called in for a few extra shifts at work or (lets be really honest) sometimes you just can’t be bothered. But whenever you can post regularly and on topic to help build a following of engaged readers.
  • Be passionate – As cheesey as it sounds, blogs that have some thought, knowledge and enthusiasm behind them always read better. I think the aim of a blog post is always to make people think – whether that’s through inspiring them, informing them or sharing insight – make people think with your content.

There you are. My five tips on creating a winning blog – I hope you found them useful!

I’d love to hear any other tips you might want to share or comments about this post – head over to my blog prprointraining.wordpress.com or tweet me at twitter.com/ariannewills

And thank you Sarah for having me!






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